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HMS International Journal

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Περιοδικές Εκδόσεις
HMS International Journal

Η ΕΜΕ είναι  στην
ευχάριστη θέση να ανακοινώσει τη  νέα ψηφιακή περίοδο της έκδοσης του
διεθνούς περοδικού της ΕΜΕ για τα Μαθηματικά στην Εκπαίδευση HMS
International Journal for Mathematics in Education (in short HMS i-JME)
μέσα σπό την πλτφόρμα του Εθνικού Κέντρου Τεκμηρίωσης.

Η διεύθυνση της ιστοσελίδας του περιοδικού είναι


The Hellenic Mathematical Society decided to add this Journal, the seventh one, in the quite long list of its publications, covering all aspects of mathematical life.

The primary mission of the HMS International Journal for Mathematics in Education (HMS i JME) is to provide a forum for communicating novel ideas and research results in all areas of Mathematics Education with reference to all educational levels.

The proposals must be written almost exclusively in English but may be admitted, if necessary, also in French, in German or perhaps in Spanish.

The proposals could concern: research in didactics of mathematics, reports of new development in mathematics curricula, integration of new technologies into mathematics education, network environments and focused learning populations, description of innovative experimental teaching approaches illustrating new ideas of general interest, trends in teachers' education, design of mathematical activities and educational materials, research results and new approaches for the learning of mathematics.

Επιτροπή Περιοδικού: 

Editorial Board

Editor : Prof. Nikolaos Alexandris, University of Piraeus, President of the HMS
Editor in chief: Prof. Fragiskos Kalavasis, Aegean University

Executive Committee :
Ada Boufi, Athens University 
Charalambos Lemonidis, University of West Macedonia 
Constantinos Tzanakis, University of Crete 
Chronis Kynigos, Athens University
Eugenia Koleza, University of Patras  
Despina Potari, Athens University 
Theodosis  Zachariadis, Athens University
Sonia Kafoussi, Aegean University
Dimitris Chasapis, Athens University

International Scientific Committee (ISC):
Peter Appelbaum (USA), Abraham Arcavi (Israel), Evelyne Barbin (France), Werner Blum (Germany), Theodoros Chatzipantelis (Greece), Constantinos Christou (Cyprus), Carlos Coreia de Sa (Portugal), George Dimakos (Greece), Rijkje Dekker (Netherlands), Abdellah El Idrissi (Morocco), Athanasios Gagatsis (Cyprus), Uwe Gellert (DE), Maria Kaldrimidou (Greece), Corneille Kazadi (Ca), Michalis Kourkoulos (Greece), Manfred Kronfellner (Austria), Colette Laborde (France), Ewa Lakoma (Poland), Elena Nardi (UK), Mogens Niss (Denmark), Iman Osta (Lebanon), Stavros Papastavridis (Greece), Vasilis Papantoniou (Greece), Psycharis (Greece), Luis Radford (Canada), Charalambos Sakonidis (Greece), Man- Keung Siu (China), Chrysanthi Skoumpourdi (Greece), Charoula Stathopoulou (Greece), Nada Stehlikova (Czech Republic), Juliana Szendrei (Hungary), Evaggelia Tressou (Greece), Mariana Tzekaki (Greece).

Οδηγίες Συγγραφέων: 

Information for the authors

Authors are asked to submit their manuscript in electronic form via e-mail to: info [at] hms [dot] gr;kalabas [at] rhodes [dot] aegean [dot] gr;kafoussi [at] rhodes [dot] aegean [dot] gr with the indication for hms i jme.

The first page should contain the author’s e-mail address and keywords. Papers should be written in English but also, if necessary, in French, in German or in Spanish.

The format of the manuscript: Manuscripts must be written on A4 white paper, double spaced, with wide margins (3 cm), max 20 pages, Times New Roman 12pt. Each paper should be accompanied by an abstract of 100 to 150 words. References cited within text (author’s name, year of publication) should be listed in alphabetical order. References should follow the APA style (http//

The submitted papers are reviewed by two members of the International Scientific Committee (blind review). Two positive reviews are necessary for a paper to be accepted.


Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; that its publication has been approved by all coauthors.


If the manuscript is accepted for publication the authors agree to automatically transfer the copyright to the publisher.


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